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Global Accessible Library

Sonnar provides barrier free access to books and articles to people with reading disabilities

Ending the book famine

Easiest way to access books and articles

For individual readers

  • Easy to learn and use – operate using simple and intuitive voice commands
  • Start playing your book in few seconds – no more long download times
  • Access books on any device: smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home), smart phones, and computers

Free audiobooks available

Did you know that 94% of the users agreed that it was easy to learn to read audio books with Sonnar’s voice player?

Manage your library and share your books with organizations worldwide

For organizations

  • Manage your content and users through one platform
  • Expand your library collection: share books with organizations worldwide
  • Reduce duplicate titles and reproduction efforts
  • Reporting and analytics – retrieve detailed customer data and insights
  • Secure your data and content through reliable cloud hosting
  • Support for multiple formats (including DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3)

Get your organization started


Sonnar Player

  • Installation for your library
  • Adaptation to your current systems -  file hosting, user database, catalogue
  • Training and on-boarding
  • Maintenance and support

Sonnar Platform

  • Transfer your library to Sonnar Platform
  • Cloud hosting
  • CRM integration
  • Technical Support
  • Training and on-boarding



  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Features
  • Additional Content Types
  • Additional Modules and Extensions

User Stories

“One of the things I miss more than anything is holding a book and reading the printed word on the page.”

“It enables me to read stories again… All I have to do is ask Alexa to play me a book, and she does it.”

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Daphne French (97 years old)
Blind Foundation NZ member

Click on the video to start playing.

Trevor Plumbly
Blind Foundation NZ member (link)

“Smart Speakers and AI technology have made a huge difference in how I access information today. Now I can search for books, listen and navigate through books just by speaking simple commands.”

Thomas Bryan

Blind, Sonnar Library user

“Sonnar Library has an enormous potential specially for our organizations in less developed countries.”

Jose Viera

CEO of World Blind Union

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